About Spa Me Away

Welcome to Spa Me Away!

A blog that I aim to become full of heavenly spa reviews and wellness advice, which lead you to finding the perfect spa and taking steps to achieving well-being.

Wellbeing is about being happy and although I am privileged to have a comfortable enough life with a rewarding job it does get a little stressful. In my fantasy world, I have the pampered life of Cleopatra. Some may say unrealistic, but hey, lucky for me, a spa trip allows me to indulge in a little bit of fantasy every now and then.

For me and many others, visiting a spa is a luxury and should be an experience that leaves us feeling like every penny was worth spending and more.Β  I hope my reviews help in giving you the opportunity to have that truly rejuvenating spa experience you deserve!

Now of course, a day of pampering is not the only way to achieve wellbeing. True happiness is the effect of feeling content and confident and being able to take part and have fun. Β This can be difficult especially in the day and age of social media – which is a whole other topic to discuss another time and of course sometimes life does throw obstacles in our way. However by investing time in yourself, you can take control of your happiness and show life who is boss. Check out my blog for tips on how to empower yourself to wellness!

Stay BeYOUtiful,



4 thoughts on “About Spa Me Away

  1. Amanda says:

    I love this! First of all, sweet idea! Does this mean you get to visit spas a lot for “work” (the sake of your blog), jealous!! Second, I love how you pair together genuine wellness and visiting spas. I really look forward to reading more of your insightful posts, and maybe one day I’ll visit a spa you’ve reviewed!!


    • spameaway says:

      Awh thank you Amanda, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. I do love a good spa day and I think in the name of research I will be visiting a lot more… it will be hard but if it’s what people want lol

      I’m glad you like the concept of my blog. It is important to look after yourself everyday within your means but of course we all deserve a treat now and then.



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