Dragon Fly Tea: Green Tea Party Time

dragon fly

So I’ve just hosted my very first green tea party – probably not the wildest event I’ve ever thrown, but basically, it was a great excuse to catch up with the girls whilst sipping some of Dragon Fly Tea’s new green tea range.

When I was approached by Dragon Fly Tea and asked if I would like to sample and review their green tea range, their tag line had me sold:

“You know Green Tea is super good for you. You know you should drink it. But, you find many green teas just taste bitter…

Don’t worry…the search for Green Tea that tastes great is now over with Dragonfly Tea’s new Green Tea range!”

I felt I was exactly this person. As a lover of many fruit and herbal teas, which I drink for health benefits, I have never become a fan of green tea, not even finishing a cup of the stuff.

The green tea party goers included Becky, a daily green tea drinker; Ellie, completely uninterested in green tea; and finally Rach, feeling the same way about green tea as I.panel memersSwapping Mimosa Breakfasts for Green Tea (Rach far left, Ellie second left, then Becky and finally me on the end)

To ease ourselves in, we started with the fusion green teas, first up – citrus green. Green tree paired with lemons and bergamot citrus. The tea had a really fresh citrus aroma and the flavour of the fruit really complimented the green tea. For me, it took the edge of the taste green tea typically has and made it an all round more enjoyable experience, I even finished my cup!

citrus green

Next was Berry Green, this was actually my favourite of the range but received mixed reviews amongst the panel. I thought the flavour of the berries really came through when drinking this and masked the green tea flavour, whereas others felt the tea didn’t have a strong enough taste.

berry green

Finally it was the real deal, the Pure Green! Knowing how to party real hard, a blind taste test was suggested by Becky. Therefore as well as providing our venue of the night, she also made our next secret brew (I know, such impeccable hosting skills on my behalf!).

We tested Pure Green against a well known bargain supermarket chain’s own brand green tea. We all voted Dragon Fly Tea’s Pure Green Tea as the winner. Becky, having the most sophisticated palette pointing out its much less bitter flavour and after taste.

The Dragon Fly Tea’s green tea range costs £1.65 for 20 tea bags and the range is available from their website: www.dragonflytea.co.uk, Waitrose and Ocado. This is more expensive then budget options but cheaper when comparing to other well known brands.

So the final question… Would I buy Dragon Fly Tea’s new green tea range again?

Most definitely! I particularly enjoyed the infused Citrus Green and Berry Green tea. The natural flavours really complimented the green tea and by making it drinkable I’m able to reap up all the health benefits of green tea. I will make sure I keep a look out for Dragon Fly Tea when I do my next tea round and can’t wait to host another green tea party – except this time at the party guest’s request, with cake!

cheersCheers to the next green tea party!

I’d love to hear if you have tried Dragon Fly Tea’s new green tea range? Or what your favourite way to drink green tea is? Be sure to let me know.

Stay BeYOUtiful



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