Smile Your Way to Wellness: My Diary

As you know from my last post, it’s National Smile Month. In the spirit of this, I am writing the #SmileYourWayToWellness series. As part of this, I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek into my ordinary, everyday life to show you how I keep myself well each week using the 5 Steps to Wellness – I’m hoping my diary will demonstrate how simple and inexpensive it is to do this.

Thursday 12th May

If you follow me on instagram you will know I had returned home from a 5 night Hen Party in Puerto Banus, Marbella on the Wednesday evening. We had an absolutely wicked time but my body wasn’t thanking me for so much partying and I woke up with a rotten cold.

Luckily, the weather was on my side and the sun was shining, making it slightly easier to roll out of bed and face work. To make the most of the sunshine before a day inside, I sat outside with my coffee and whilst waiting for its magical effects, I relaxed and really engaged my senses. For example, I focused on what I could feel, see and hear. This is a great mindfulness exercise to really clear your head.

garden wellness

As it was such a gorgeous day, my partner and I met up with some friends for drinks in the pub (orange juice for me!). Whilst we were there, someone commented they weren’t looking forward to work the next day and another person said ‘don’t wish today away’. I love an inspirational quote and this comment really bought us back to being able to appreciate where we were, who we were with and forget about work in that moment.

pub wellness

Friday 13th May

I mean a Friday is always a good day right, #friYAY and all that? Being Friday I woke up in a much better mood and slightly improved physical state and headed off to the office. It was another warm day, so I took the opportunity to meet up with a friend for an alfresco lunch. Sitting away from my desk at lunchtime really helps me switch off, making for a much better afternoon and ensuring I’m up to date on any gossip!

Later on, I was texting a friend and we organised to meet up last minute. We realised it was Fizz Friday in our local so it did end up being more than ‘one drink’. I don’t advocate alcohol for a way of keeping well or masking problems, but for me, a glass of prosecco is usually a recipe for on point banter and putting the world to rights. It was a great laugh and we ended up bumping into other people we knew and subjecting them to our humour (harmless of course).


Saturday 14th May

A downside of alcohol is that is does make you feel tired and I didn’t wake up feeling so fresh, but I took this as an opportunity to sit outside and bask in the rays  – we all need to allow ourselves a little rest and relaxation now and again, don’t feel guilty for doing nothing.

A visitor, in the form of my boyfriend’s brother, emerged from the guest room later in the day and we organised a BBQ. Given the size of the lunch and the heat, a little (ok, several hours) siesta occurred. It must have been needed though, as I woke feeling much better and as it had cooled down a little, decided it was a good time to go for a run.

I did my usual 5k route and I am pleased to say, after a week off I was still capable of doing it. In my triathlon training post, I talk about how exercise has benefited me. I returned feeling much more motivated and finished off all the jobs that all week I had been saying I would do ‘tomorrow’.

Sunday 15th May

dog wellness

I’m sorry to start off with the weather again, but it’s short of a miracle that we had another glorious day! I could have easily lazed around all day, but quite often, that means me & my partner will spend more time on our phones than talking to each other, and to be honest, that can make me quite grumpy. We were short on time as we’d had a pretty mammoth lie in and he was starting the first of his night shifts so we decided to go for a walk. We volunteered at a local animal shelter and took some beautiful doggies out in the country side. It was a win-win situation as I felt like I was being active and doing a good deed, albeit a very enjoyable one.

Monday 16th May

Considering it was a Monday, I actually woke up really cheerful – I’m putting it down to the hibernation that occurred on the weekend.  I didn’t have the best day for eating (someone bought in Brie and Tiger Loaf – I mean c’mon how can you resist that?!). As I had pretty much devoured a cheese board for my afternoon snack, I was quite sluggish returning home. So I changed straight into my gym clothes and went for a run, which gave me the boost of energy I needed.

As my boyfriend is working nights, we only really cross paths for about an hour at tea time, so we try to ensure that our time together is well spent. This means, I put my phone away! I am a self confessed phone addict and I constantly mindlessly scroll through it especially if it is in sight, so I do have to be quite disciplined or put it somewhere I’m too lazy to reach!

Since it was a night in for one, I had a blog evening and posted #bbtag fun questions & answers. I can’t believe Spa Me Away is just over a month old. Blogging is more of a skill then I realised, but I absolutely loving learning everything that I need to know and I’m finding it really exciting too.


My #bbtag selfie

 Tuesday 17th May

It was me, myself and I again on Tuesday. I try to avoid being glued to the computer all night as it can make me feel a little lonely and as I’ve talked about before, can leave you in dangerous territory of over analysing and comparing your life.  To avoid this, when I’m on my own I always do something that makes me feel positive. On this night it included whacking a hair mask on and ringing my mum for a natter.  I need to make phone calls ALOT more, there much more meaningful and really allow you to share your emotions.

Wednesday 18th May

After work, I met up with the girls and we went out for tea and a prosecco, okay two (there’s no such thing as too much prosecco right?). Meeting up with my ladies is always a very funny occasion, filled with gossip and if the news is lacking (very rarely is) we just make up our own! A couple of years ago, we’d all been a bit hopeless at meeting up regularly– mainly because life just happens, but this year, with a little bit more organisation, we’ve been on top form! Knowing I have such an amazing group of friends around me makes me feel invincible.

insta wellness

Well that’s my week, as you can see, I haven’t done anything or visited anywhere mind-blowingly exciting; but I hope it shows, that I have lived in the moment, had lots of fun and this has left me feeling confident and happy. Apart from a few prosecco bubbles, there really haven’t been any costs in doing this, and these principles of connecting, being active, learning, giving and being mindful are super easy to apply to your life.

Do you think you apply the 5 steps to wellbeing in your everyday life? If you do, what do you do? If not, how could you start?

Stay BeYOUtiful


5 thoughts on “Smile Your Way to Wellness: My Diary

  1. beequeenbeady says:

    I absolutely adore this post, I really need to start documenting what makes me smile again. Such a good idea, but I swear I have such a boring life 😂
    Sounds like you had an amazing time on your hen do!
    Bee |


    • spameaway says:

      Hi Bee

      Thank you commenting 😊 that’s even better though if you can point out what’s made you happy on even the most ordinary of days – you should give it go!

      Although I might point out when did jetting off to Oslo become boring?!

      & yes we had a fab time – the weather wasn’t up to much but we made the most of it.


      Liked by 1 person

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