Smile Your Way to Wellness: An Introduction

smile wellness

Well, it’s officially #NationalSmileMonth –don’t worry I’m not going to be giving you any oral health advice but I am going to be talking about why smiling is so good for us.

Smiling does this wonderful thing of releasing happy hormones, resulting in us feeling brighter and more positive. Apparently, even a fake smile gives our endorphins the nudge they need to get moving (Has anyone else just started smiling to see if this works? What did you think?)

smile wellness 4

You should already know all about Spa Me Away (and if you don’t – go and check out the rest of my blog). The whole idea of Spa Me Away, is to promote every day, accessible and fun wellness ideas. One thing I’ve actually loved since starting my blog is how my friends have been sharing all things wellness with me. I think my favourite was the suggestion of joining a toneless choir – are you saying I can’t sing Rachael?!

Probably, one of the most insightful pieces of wellness wisdom I have received was about the importance of being happy in the moment and not focusing on what happens next. This was straight from a happiness guru’s mouth- well via a friend.

Of course, I’m not saying don’t set yourself goals or plan things that make you excited – but don’t wait around for these life events to happen in order for you to feel content. There are so many things you can do now to allow yourself to feel good, feel much more confident to reach your goals and to cope with any adversities that head your way.

You may be asking, what are these things I can do to make me happy and strong? Well, the government has set out 5 steps to mental wellbeing and for once their talking some sense!

Connect                               Be Active             Keep Learning

Give to others                   Be Mindful

Over the next month or so I’m going to be completing a series called ‘Smile Your Way to Wellness’. Within the series I will be sharing advice and ideas of how to include the 5 steps to Mental Wellbeing into everyday life.

If you would like me to share any of your ways to wellness in the series (no matter how typical or eccentric they seem), leave me a comment, and I’d love to include everyone’s ideas in the blog where I can.

smile wellness 2

For now, keep smiling and most importantly…

Stay BeYOUtiful,



3 thoughts on “Smile Your Way to Wellness: An Introduction

    • spameaway says:

      I’m glad the post helped you chill after work. Since incorporating steps to wellness in my life I feel much happier and more confident – although I do have to remind myself sometimes! For me, keeping well day to day has made me feel more capable of taking on future challenges. I’d love to hear what you think of the series over the next month.



  1. Home Love Queen says:

    I’m really looking to reading the rest of your series. Something that I do every single day is think how grateful I am for all of the amazing things in my life. I think gratitude is so important and saying thank you for everything we have. A lot of the time we focus on the things we don’t have and wish we had, but if we instead focus on what we do have and stop comparing ourselves to others and instead focus on ourselves, we will all be so much happier!


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