Thank you to Natalia @xoxomakeBlog for the tag! So here goes, find out about all my beauty secrets & dreams…

Light, Medium or Full coverage foundation?

I really admire people who pull off a natural look, so during the day, I try to go for a light, dewy finish. I always remember buying the YSL Touche Eclat Le Teint foundation for my first term back at uni a few years ago, I was told I looked shiny and new by one of the men off my course – English wasn’t his fist language so I interpreted it as glowing, and took it as a compliment! At night, nothing beats full coverage and I am a MAC girl through and through. Nothing makes me feel as flawless as my Pro Longwear Foundation – this bad boy has serious staying power.

Favourite drugstore and high end brand?

I don’t really have a favourite drug store or high end brand per se. I tend to search for makeup/skincare that works depending on my budget at that time – Beauty Blogs help so much in the quest for the perfect good value product.

Do you have a dream item you want badly?

I’m forever trying new products and love reading about the latest trends. At the moment, I want to adopt a Korean Skincare Regime, so I’m looking for the perfect items… keep your eyes peeled for the blog post!

What is our HG makeup or skincare item?

Well, I’ve already mentioned my love for MAC Pro Longwear Foundation, which has treated me very well on all occasions. However, my newest holy grail is Benefit’s Watts Up Highlighter – it just gives me the most gorgeous subtle glow and blends seamlessly into my MAC Pro Longwear Foundation. I can see this relationship lasting.

What kind of product do you have the most of?

My cleanser, as I always do a double cleanse in the evenings. You wouldn’t believe how much makeup and grime is left on your skin after only one wash. Since starting double cleansing, my skin is a lot clearer. I also use SPF 50 on my face every day without fail. I felt like I was beginning to get fine lines on my forehead, and, placebo effect or not, I feel like SPF has delayed any premature aging!

Celebrity makeup inspo?

I’m yet to master contouring but Kim Kardashian just has the most stunning eye makeup. A dark, smoky, feline eye is my favourite and makes me feel fierce.

A good spa day or the same value in make up?

A good spa day of course! What else did you expect? For me, there is no better feeling than being pampered all day. After being in a state of total relaxation, I always have the BEST night’s sleep and wake up fabulous.

Preference: Straight, Wavy or Curly Hair?

Day to day I tend to wear my hair up because it’s easy. However, when I want to make an impression I always go for curly – the bigger the better! I learnt how to do Pin Curls whilst in Marbella & I was pretty chuft with the results…


Sephora or Ulta?

As I’m from the United Kingdom, we don’t have either! However, my top tip for when you need new makeup from higher end brands, is to book in to get your make up done at MAC (or any other beauty counter). For around £30, you end up with professional make up, and get your money back in products – result!

Matte, Metallic, Creamy or Glossy lips?

Anyone who can pull of a bold lip, I salute! I think a bold lip is seriously glam and oozes attitude.  However, I’m a girl who likes minimal effort and a good gloss works for me so much better. My go to colour, is a nude shimmer because it goes with everything!

My Questions

  1. What is your proudest beauty moment? Share a photo!
  2. What is your most daring beauty moment?
  3. Are there any beauty looks/trends you would like to try?
  4. Have you had any beauty disasters?
  5. Would you like to make any changes to your skincare/beauty routine?
  6. Of course it wouldn’t be SPA ME AWAY without some spa related questions! What do you do at home to pamper yourself?
  7. What is your favourite spa treatment? If you’ve never been to a spa, what spa treatment would you like to try?
  8. What is your feel good beauty product?
  9. Where/who is your favourite beauty place/person and why? This can be your beautician, local make up counter or store, hairdresser, spa or anyone or anywhere in between! Spread the love & tag them!
  10. What beauty blogger inspires you most and why? Tag them!

I tag the lovely:

Sally @SalElizabeth0


Rosie @LoveRosiee1

I’d  love to hear everyone else’s answers to the questions above too please!

Stay BeYOUtiful



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