Book Review: Lean in 15

A common line of mine is that if I had a chef I would eat salads every day. In other words, I am too lazy to cook but do enjoy eating nice, healthy food. Quite often, recipes I find use about a zillion expensive ingredients that takes ages to cook. So although I start off with good intentions I usually end up with a greasy takeaway mid week, resulting in me eating rubbish, feeling lethargic and on top of this wasting money.

When I saw a friend instagram her #LeanIn15Selfie I was intrigued. Did these supposedly 15 minute meals taste as good as they looked? Apparently so – my friend gave rave reviews about the recipes she had tried and confirmed they really did only take 15 minutes unless stated otherwise.

lean in 15

My BBQ #LeanIn15Selfie (the burgers were eaten before photos could be taken!)

That was me sold, and on my next trip to the shops I bought my very own Lean In 15 recipe book. The book is split into 7 chapters including a bit about “the body coaches” background and ethos, an outline of the plan, recipes and a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) plan.

The body coach comes across as hardworking, passionate and proud of both himself and others, this makes him extremely likeable. In addition to this, on Instagram he posts pictures of himself going out for a Nandos or having a booze, which makes his lifestyle feel incredibly achievable and just shows everything in moderation works.

The book is really easy to read and understand. In short, the plan is about eating in line with your energy demands. This means, eating carbohydrate meals post-workout and at other times eating reduced-carbohydrate meals that are rich in healthy fats and protein. Alongside this, is a HIIT plan which should be followed alongside the diet to achieve that lean and fit physique.

Having tried HIIT before, I’m not a huge fan, so I can’t give a critique on the workout plan. However, I know people who absolutely love HIIT and judging from Instagram’s #90daysssplan transformations, it works!


However for me, the most important thing to do, especially, if you are just starting to make changes to your lifestyle is giving lots of things a go, finding out what works for you and most importantly doing what you enjoy. Even if you don’t follow the plan, the book is based on nutritional, tasty, and quick recipes which will certainly help you to make positive changes in your life.

I’ve made quite a few recipes from the book and they have all been lovely and extremely satisfying. I have noticed that the portions can be large, so it is worth remembering the plan is based on being active and adjust your meal size accordingly- you can always make a packed lunch if there is too much. The recipes I have cooked can easily be adapted to suit your tastes or what’s in the cupboard. As the body coach doesn’t use too many ingredients, I’m pleased to say my shopping bill has not been affected either.

goan fish curry
My favourite recipe so far is the Goan Fish Curry. It is full of flavour, filling and quicker to make than getting a takeaway! The only problem I have had, is that my boyfriend was unaware of what a piece of ginger looked like; so being helpful and cleaning the cupboards he decided it must be some form of gone off, unknown vegetable and chucked it…
#KitchenDrama but by no means a reflection on the book!

Let me know what you think of Lean In 15 and please share any recommendations of equally delicious but easy recipes you have.

Stay BeYOUtiful,


9 thoughts on “Book Review: Lean in 15

    • spameaway says:

      Lol I know, Bless him I couldn’t get mad though but he does know what ginger is now!!
      It’s a good purchase, It’s my favourite cook book purely because of ease and taste – his new book is out next month too. I’m definitely going to buy.



  1. GFTracy says:

    How gluten-free friendly is this book? You mentioned some lower carb meals so I’m cautiously hopeful! I am all for 15-minute meals, my dinner tonight took almost an hour to prepare.


    • spameaway says:

      Hi Tracy,

      I don’t follow a gluten free diet and it doesn’t appear the body coach does either. However, there is a large chapter of lower carb meals so I would presume some would meet a gluten free diet.

      His website: has a lot of his recipes up so it might be worth having a look on there or having a look through his book in a shop before you commit to buying if you not sure his recipes will meet your needs.

      I can confirm though that the meals are superquick & ridiculously tasty.

      Good luck, I hope you find what you are looking for soon.



      • GFTracy says:

        Thank you! I visited his website but can’t seem to get anywhere without signing up for a newsletter or something. I peeked around on Amazon and I saw sandwiches and a pie, so I’m thinking this maybe isn’t going to work for me… but I’ll keep an eye out for it in a shop so I can have a good look through to confirm!


      • spameaway says:

        Ah ok – the only other option would be If you follow him on Instagram @thebodycoach he puts a lot of posts up of his meals with the ingredients. I would say the other half of the book is meals with carbohydrates so I would imagine not suited to a gluten free diet. Yes – I just got my copy in my local tesco.

        Once again good luck.



  2. The gym bug says:

    Great post. I love this book and been meaning to write a review of it for ages! The meals are so easy to make and even though they are healthy they always leave you feeling full. Can’t wait til his new book cokes out!


  3. Jenny says:

    We’ve bought the book and we are looking forward to trying out some more recipes. We’ve tried a couple of them so far and really enjoyed him. I love watching his videos and the way he just chucks everything in – he makes it look so easy!


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