Spa Trends… A Different Kind of Cocktail

The suggestion of finding a nice cocktail bar is never far from my lips, so as I was reading through the Spafinder Wellness: Global Spa & Wellness Trends Forecast for 2016, obviously, the trend named the Adrenaline and Zen Cocktail, jumped out at me.

However, the whole concept of this trend is not an alchemist of flavours to both tantalise and soothe your taste buds – although this would be a nice addition in my eyes. Instead, it is based on the belief that high adrenaline adventures followed by deep “zen” relaxation will result in you reaching your destination of Cloud Nine.

According to some perceptions of the Adrenaline and Zen Cocktail, “typical” sporting pursuits don’t meet the requirements of this trend. The ethos of Spa Me Away is that we are all unique and should avoid making negative comparisons.  Therefore I say, who are we to judge what constitutes as thrilling enough – especially given my past experiences of low risk activities.

As I have mentioned, I am not adverse to a little bit of adventure, but at times, this can prove to be a little dangerous. I have briefly mentioned the incident of the bruised bum in my Hello Beautiful post. Me being me, volunteer myself first to test drive an electric scooter. In short, full throttle, can’t stop, man or tree, the latter appeared to be the least catastrophic choice. So, I am fully satisfied to argue my case that this and many other activities I have participated in get the blood pumping.


Luckily, not all activities I have participated in have resulted in the injury of me or others and I am going to share my thoughts on the Adrenaline and Zen Cocktail trend. In January, I went skiing for the first time to the gorgeous resort of La Rosière in the French Alps with my boyfriends’ family. My boyfriends’ family includes 3 very daring, confident brothers who had all skied before. Of course, this led to us girls being led astray and going against all of our instructors’ advice most afternoons equalling some pretty hair raising moments but worth it for the breathtakingly beautiful views.

ski 3

I loved every moment of the ski trip but skiing from 9am until sunset most days was pretty intense. Conveniently for us (or should I say at my request), there was a wellness centre directly below our apartment. Priorities as always, the massage was decided upon before picking up my ski equipment.

One of the key terms within the trend is “zen” relaxation; I interpret this as feeling peaceful and focused. Stretching out in the Jacuzzi prior to my massage helped me achieve “zen” as I find water incredibly calming.

Once ready for my massage, I was taken to a lovely and tranquil massage room. The therapist asked what pressure I would like, I think this is always important as it makes you feel comfortable to request a change if desired, which was definitely the case for moi! Physical and adrenaline surging activities exert a lot of energy and left my muscles tense, by establishing good communication with your therapist this helps ensure the massage is tailored to your needs. I had a 30 minute massage and the therapist focused on my back. In my case, a good deep massage really helped me clear my mind and focus on my body. In terms of arriving at my destination of fluffy clouds… almost. There wasn’t a dedicated relaxation area for after your massage and next time, after a week of skiing, I would probably opt for a full body massage. To really boost the benefits of the adrenaline/zen cocktail, I can totally see the purpose of dedicated retreats.

Has anyone else got any Adrendaline and Zen Cocktail views or experiences they would like to share? I’d love to hear!

Stay BeYOUtiful,



2 thoughts on “Spa Trends… A Different Kind of Cocktail

  1. Alex M says:

    This is really interesting concept + I totally see how it would work! Sounds like an amazing holiday, I’ve been skiing but next time I’ll definitely try to add in the ‘zen’ part as well! X


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