When Spa Me Away got Thai’d Away

In honour of Songkran (Thai New Year which is celebrated between the 13 – 15th April), I thought it would be a great opportunity to share my first Thai massage experience with you guys. I have to say it was a bit of an up down relationship but the final outcome was a pure love affair as you will find out.

I will start from the very beginning…  imagine my delight, fresh after a long haul flight to Melbourne, my friend Lydia who lives there suggests we go for a massage. Should she even need to ask?!

great ocean 2

Until recently I always opted for a gentle, relaxing massage. So imagine my horror, as we are strolling along the charming street, that is Chapel Street, she decides to tell me “my tastes have really changed in massage since visiting Thailand, I have to feel a bit of pain”.

Safe to say, I was very apprehensive as to what I was about to let myself in for by having a Thai massage. We visited True Thai Massage and upon entering my nerves began to settle as we were greeted by a friendly face. True Thai Massage had warm, neutral décor with comfy seating in the waiting area so this helped me feel at ease.

Now, picking what massage/treatment to have can always be a little daunting but especially when you have the added fear factor. However as I had just spent 24 hours flying across the globe in economy, I was pretty tired, stiff and achy – so I obviously wanted a massage that would ease my pain away and wake me up. By using acupressure and muscle stretching, Thai massage aims to relieve stress and boost energy levels.  At True Thai, there were three full body massage options to choose from, all priced at $75 (approximately £40) for 60 minutes, which I feel for the length of time is good value. I opted for the Thai Fusion, which promised to make me feel both vitalised and calm.

I was taken to a private massage room, which was basic and clean. The massage therapist didn’t exactly ease me in gently – it began with a firm (very firm) massage. As she reached my shoulders I winched several times, but rather than reducing the pressure, she laughed, commented that I had lots of knots and I swear kneaded harder! Well, whatever she did it soon worked, as the pain soon subsided.

At the time, I didn’t know that Thai Massage is also referred to as “Thai Yoga”, so when I was pulled up and contorted into all sorts of weird and wonderful positions, I was a little surprised, but enjoyed it none the less. The massage finished with a relaxing oil massage on my back and instantly I forgot about any pain I had just experienced and the therapist was my friend again.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and oh my… what a pudding! I can honestly say I have never left a massage feeling that fantastic! My body felt light and loose and I kept rolling my shoulders, exclaiming how free I felt. I truly felt elated and rejuvenated and would recommend a Thai Massage especially for those who are experiencing stress and/or tension.

The massage defiantly helped me beat jet lag and alongside some deliciously, strong coffee martinis, I was able to go on and enjoy a fun filled weekend, eating sushi and exploring the great ocean road!

I was that impressed by the Thai Massage, that I considered it essential to have another to prepare me for my return journey home, any excuse hey.

As I am writing this, I am seriously thinking I should be booking a trip to Thailand for an even more True Thai experience! To help me decide, I’d love to hear all about your Thai Massage or any other massage/spa experiences you have had around the world?!

Stay BeYOUtiful,



4 thoughts on “When Spa Me Away got Thai’d Away

  1. Abbey Louisa Rose says:

    I’ve never had a Thai massage, it sounds like quite an experience! £40 for an hour is very reasonable as well – sometimes you can get charged as much as £79 where I live 🙄 Great post, and such a cute photo of you and your friend at the beach too! ❤️


    • spameaway says:

      It certainly was an experience, but afterwards it was just AMAZING! I probably wouldn’t recommend if you do just fancy relaxing though but if you’re tense 100% go for it! I will have to have one in the UK to compare prices 😉 & thank you for the compliment!


  2. nakamura1982 says:

    Nice to meew you! My name is Kei from Japan, working at hospital as Physical Therapist.
    I’m impressed your pic which you jumped after took thai massage, it’s good!! I’ve been in Thailand two times about 10years ago, I could find shop of massage and I also took foot massage several times. Thanks for your posting and I’m looking foward to reading next post!


    • spameaway says:

      Hi Kei

      Thank you for commenting, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and the pictures.

      That sounds fabulous – especially since you had a few!

      Yes definitely keep reading and I appreciate any comments.



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