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If you’re reading this thank you and I hope you have fun watching Spa Me Away grow. Rest assured I know at least one person will be and that’s my Mum! At the time of writing this, I told her about my plan and she shrieked with excitement “put me on a zip line” and “we will be the Kardashians of the health world” – positive thinking at its best!

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The best woman I know and who you will get to know as Dr Sue!

I thought my first post should be a bit about me and how I have arrived at my decision to start writing about Spa and Wellness.

So here goes… I am 25 years young and recently flown the nest (well down the road!). I love trying new things, sometimes not really considering the consequences, although it usually seems to turn out alright in the end. Ok, apart from the severely bruised bum incident in Barcelona, but more of that another time…

I am a qualified social worker and enjoy working with people to achieve their own outcomes. This role is a non-stop learning curve and I feel it is important that I am first able to help myself to feel good to effectively support others.

Over the past few years, I have gained more and more of an interest in health and wellbeing. I really believe subtle changes can make a big difference to your outlook on life. I want to share my experiences of achieving wellbeing, as I know for me reading the story of others has been so motivating.

Deliciously Ella was the first blog I found completely inspiring. I love the way she connects with her followers and her positivity really shines through. Although I don’t fully follow her way of life, that’s ok, because wellbeing is bespoke to each individual and it is important to find what works for you.  Spa Me Away should help you during that journey! Watch out for my upcoming spa reviews and wellness posts.

In the meantime, I would love to hear your views about what/who has educated and inspired you to achieve wellbeing?

Stay BeYOUtiful,



7 thoughts on “Hello Beautiful

    • spameaway says:

      Ah thanks Abbey, so nice of you to comment. I’ve wrote lots of stuff that I hope people will like… just got to get all my photos together, which isn’t a strong point of mine!


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